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Micron Message for Chips Newsletter

Virginia’s critical role in the semiconductor industry cannot be overstated as two percent of the world's global memory supply is manufactured in the U.S. – all by Micron at our fab in Manassas, VA. This equates to about 10 percent of Micron's global memory output and will only continue to grow as the memory share of the overall semiconductor market industry is projected to reach 30 percent by 2030, or $300 billion globally.

Memory powers everything from robotics and automation to our aerospace and defense industries, and it is central to the U.S.’s current and future data economy. The future needs memory and storage and Micron is uniquely positioned to support this effort as memory must be produced at a much larger size and scale than logic.

As one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, Micron relies on a strong talent pipeline and the competitive drive of its team members to maintain technology leadership, particularly in light of the company’s recently announced U.S. investments in Clay, NY and Boise, ID which will require a diverse, highly skilled workforce that can support memory manufacturing at scale. That is why partnerships through VAST are crucial as VAST connects and enables collaboration of higher education institutions, K-12 and veterans.  

State-of-the-art, complex infrastructures, such as the VAST network for cleanrooms at several Virginia universities, are essential in the training of semiconductor processing, micro and nanofabrication technologies and nanoscale characterization as well as equipment maintenance and repair technology.

VAST will be a critical player in ensuring the success of the CHIPS and Science Act through its workforce efforts, including the new “Semiconductor Equipment Lab” at the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and the Fast Track to Semiconductor Careers (FTSC) Program, in addition to its network of advanced semiconductor and nanotechnology facilities across the Commonwealth.

VAST is a key partner for Micron as our workforce needs require candidates with technical skills with nanotechnology and equipment maintenance experience in a cleanroom. These trainings allow candidates to make an immediate impact on the semiconductor industry. As part of this partnership, Micron plans to donate in support of workforce training efforts, host students, teachers, counselors, and professors at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility, participate in volunteering and mentoring programs in support of FTSC Program students, and continue to champion other VAST workforce development initiatives.

Micron is grateful for U.S. Senator Mark Warner and Governor Glenn Youngkin’s continued support and their commitment to fostering the semiconductor workforce of the future in Virginia.