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Fast Track to Semiconductor Careers

Developing a Robust, Adaptive, and Scalable Workforce Pipeline 

Semiconductor Fabrication Careers

The Fast Track program allows students throughout Virginia to obtain advanced training in high-need, industry-driven career fields without the need for major relocation. Students will likely be able to find internship, training, and employment opportunities after completing the course in one of the major semiconductor industries in Northern Virginia.

Lectures will be online in asynchronous and synchronous learning environments and hands-on training will utilize VAST’s network of research facilities and labs in Northern Virginia, Charlottesville (University of Virginia), Norfolk (Norfolk State University), Richmond (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Blacksburg and Arlington (Virginia Tech) regions. 

The three 10-week certificate programs are centered around:

  • Chip Fabrication and Nano Characterization 

  • Semiconductor Packaging and Characterization 

  • Semiconductor Equipment Maintenance and Repair 

More information about the training programs coming soon.