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The Associate Director of Operations will act as Chair of the OPC. Each Academic Partner will have one voting member of the OPC selected from among their Facility managers. Additional facility managers will be non-voting members of the OPC.  

The OPC’s will establish the policies related to VAST operation, advise on the development of the VAST workplan, and execute the workplan. OPC will establish standards and policies for efficient, safe, and accessible use of facilities; safety and training policies; standards for the creation and delivery of virtual training modules to VAST-standards for tools in their facility; and standards for access to and reporting of data necessary for reporting, operation, and evaluation of VAST metrics to VAST headquarters, GO Virginia and other sponsors.

Operations Committee Members: 

  • Mr. Don Leber: Cleanroom manager, Micron Semiconductor Fabrication Laboratory, Virginia Tech University
  • Dr. Matthew Hall:  Director, Nano Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory (NCFL), Virginia Tech University
  • Dr. Christina DiMarino:  Professor and Faculty point of contact, Advanced Packaging Laboratory, Virginia Tech University
  • Mr. David Gilham: Facility Manager, Advanced Packaging Laboratory, Virginia Tech University
  • Dr. Arthur Lichtenberger:  Director, Innovation in Fabrication (IFAB) Facility for Multifunction Microfabrication and Scalable BioManufacturing, University of Virginia
  • Mr. Richard White: Facility Manager, Nano Material Characterization Facility (NMCF), University of Virginia
  • Dr. Nibir Dhar: Director, C. Kenneth and Dianne Harris Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center (VMC), Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Dr. Hargsoon Yoon: Faculty Director, Micron-NSU Nanofabrication Cleanroom,  Norfolk State University
  • Mr. Shawn Wagoner: Nanofabrication Facility Manager, George Mason University 
  • Dr. Prabesh Dulal: Associate Director of Operations, Virginia Alliance for Semiconductor Technology (VAST)
  • Dr. Masoud Agah: Founding Director, Virginia Alliance for Semiconductor Technology (VAST)


The VAST Steering Committee is made up of seven members, including a representatives from the GO Virginia Region 7 Council, the Commerce and Trade Secretariat, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority; partner corporations; representative members of the participating institutions of higher education  nominated by the Director and approved by the Steering Committee, and a representative elected from the OPC.  


The VAST advisory board will be formed of leaders of industry, government, and higher education. The formation of this Board will be made in consultation with relevant VAST Academic Members, Commonwealth and federal leaders.

The Advisory Board will make recommendations to inform VAST’s implementation plan and research agenda, assess progress to inform future directions, build advocacy, and inform policy and future engagement activities.