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Powering Virginia’s semiconductor talent and technology, together.

Powering Virginia’s semiconductor talent and technology, together.

Who we are

The Virginia Alliance for Semiconductor Technology (VAST) was created to elevate Virginia as a leader on the forefront of the burgeoning semiconductor industry. Based in Northern Virginia with a network spanning the entire Commonwealth, VAST will leverage the region’s existing strength as home to about 75% of Virginia’s semiconductor industries.

VAST will serve industry and the semiconductor, microelectronics, and nanotechnology ecosystem by creating a collaborative network of Virginia’s preeminent universities to provide easy access to state-of-the-art research facilities across the Commonwealth of Virginia and provide valuable certifications to bolster workforce access in these rapidly evolving fields.

Our mission

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Accelerating research, innovation, and real life training 

VAST will power the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries by providing seamless access to cleanrooms, labs, and equipment at universities across the state. This platform will allow startups, small businesses, and students to search, schedule, and receive training on tools that meet their financial and technical needs and are geographically convenient to them. This platform will reduce the time and cost between concept creation and prototype implementation for new semiconductor innovations.

Fueling a Robust, Adaptive, and Scalable Workforce Pipeline 

VAST will rapidly train talent in high-need, industry-driven areas through three 10-week Fast Track to Semiconductor Careers certificate programs which are initially centered around:

  • Chip Fabrication and Nano Characterization
  • Semiconductor Packaging and Characterization
  • Semiconductor Equipment Maintenance and Repair

These scalable and adaptable programs will provide targeted access to veterans and underrepresented communities.

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Looking ahead

Laying a Foundation for Future Growth

Through the two-year, $3.3 million GO Virginia grant, VAST is establishing a unified network that will be the foundation for future partnerships and economic prosperity. Examples of future opportunities include:

Serve as an advocacy organization for attracting federal funding and private sector investment within the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry to the Commonwealth

Grow a robust semiconductor startup and innovation ecosystem in collaboration with the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation

Inspire and engage K-12 students in future careers in semiconductor and nanotechnology industries through STEM camps and virtual fab tours

Grow a robust workforce development strategy with required agility to meet the needs of the industry

Expand internship, scholarship, fellowship, and apprenticeship opportunities in semiconductor and related fields for Virginia students

Interested in learning more?

Our university members include: 

Sponsoring University
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...As well as community college partners across the state!

A Growth and Opportunity for Virginia (GO Virginia) award of $3.3 million will seed fund VAST and its accompanying certificate-based, adult-learning program, fast track to semiconductor careers.

VAST expects to enroll about 300 adult learners per year in the non-degree focused program, with a preference given to United States military veterans, starting in spring 2024

The project will award 550 certificates over two years and create up to 100 internships.